Why have a coach?

Even Tiger Woods and Andy Murray have a coach!!

A business coach is just like a sporting coach.  It is the role of the coach to push his client to achieve the best they can, to be supportive, and to work on strategies.  A coach will be honest with you; listen to your concerns; keep you focussed on the ‘end-game; and most importantly will have your best interests at heart.

The owners of small to medium sized businesses are the crux of the economy, accounting for over 90% of the businesses out there.  These businesses are often in the very difficult position of having the same responsibilities as larger organisations but with much fewer employees to deliver on these duties (e.g. Personnel legislation), as well as having to ensure they are keeping up to date with the changes and innovations going on, let alone finding time to deal with sales, marketing, cashflow, and then run the businesses as well – it is all quite a juggling act!

Tiger Woods and Andy Murray both know the advantages of having a coach – they are not in the best place to assess their swing shot or their serve; a third party with experience and knowledge of such things is a welcome addition to their team, helping them to become more successful.

As your coach I will listen, give you the benefit of my experience, and ultimately work with you to achieve those things you want.  MY JOB IS NOT DONE UNTIL YOU HAVE ACHIEVED YOUR OWN PERSONAL VISION.